blank keyrings and photo gifts at trade prices.

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Hi and thanks for your visit

Thanks for taking the time to have a quick look at our website, as mentioned a little update and some interesting news about the range of blank products which include blank keyrings ,fridge magnets you can make yourself and a range of other photo gifts even blank keyrings in bulk if you wish

Want to know where to buy the blank photo gifts products at probably the lowest trade price in the UK ?

Believe me your competition does NOT want you to know these trade suppliers !

They will supply YOU subject to checks and will normally deliver next day to your door

Ever wondered where most Ebayers get stock from to sell on Ebay or online ?

Ever wondered where thousands of promotional companies get their stock from ?

The companies we reveal have been involved with the Promotional Gift Market for many years and are the main trade wholesale suppliers supplying homeworkers ,small businesses and many large companies in the UK and overseas with blank photo gifts wholesale .

The products are supplied blank and unassembled,ready for your photographs or artwork

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Just to briefly say hi & a massive thank you to all of our customers old and new as we move through the year
we look forward to being of service to your company

This year ,our simple software for blank keyrings and photo gifts etc Keyring Creator has now exceeded 300,000 downloads

Gary does not develop new software any longer as many of you may know through ill health but is slowly on the mend his hobby is keeping him busy tinkering with his vintage camper van but he is still doing the odd bit of programing just for fun

Also I just wanted to quickly let you know that when you order the software we also have a range of blank products you can view just click on the products page to see the blank photo gifts we offer

You know you hear all too often from suppliers that they value your business , if only that were true in all cases ,sadly we all know that`s not the case with some suppliers who just supply cheap blank keyrings wholesale and offer no service or back up ever

With the products we supply we try to ensure a customer is entirely happy with the experience when visiting and ordering from our range of cheap blank keyrings & other uk blank photo products that we offer

This really is at the forefront of our minds right from the moment your order arrives to the products being delivered to your door no matter how big or small every order really is important to us.

Our tiny team also have a manufacturing background with a combined 20 years + experience in this field

The products we offer are not just plain plastic products, , if you want to order in bulk or wholesale we try to cater for that too , we know how they are manufactured and fully understand the process , plus by offering quality products using superior quality plastics rather than cheap imported poor quality items , it is indeed one of the reasons we get so many valued repeat customers

we refuse to stock low quality cheap imports and only offer quality items that are proven in the industry and we are proud to say that approximately 99 % of the blank products offered are manufactured right here in the UK

With this in mind

I believe that choosing the right supplier involves much more than scanning a series of price lists

I completely understand that making the right decision about your supplier is essential – after all your business’ profitability, reputation and the quality of your products could easily be at stake.
Of course I understand your choice will depend on a wide range of factors especially in today`s world we live in .

I just want you to know that we mean what we say and actually do value your business ,of course no one is perfect but I can tell you with complete honesty that we will always try to provide you with the best possible service


Reliability , Quality , Value for Money

Thank you once again for your visit and we look forward to being of service

Keyring Creator our simple to use software that allows you to create and design your own keyrings magnets and more has been downloaded now over 300,000 times and is used widely by estate agents , small business, car dealers, craft workers , home workers,florists,plumbers,taxi companies,design studios,ebayers really too many to mention, go ahead and download it have a play and try it free

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Make money from home with blank keyrings and blank products


keyring creator software 2020 Ver 2.1.1Build 137 for © Windows
click BUY NOW below, your software activated by email after payment 

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Hi and thanks for looking in , It is as you know in this climate of rising bills and trying to make ends meet each month something that thousands of people are now asking on a daily basis

how can i make money from home” or a search that many people make online is make money from home ideas .

The idea of making money from home has become a very serious issue for many people who need to supliment thier incomes and try and get a little extra to support thier familes and why not, but what to choose or consider ?

One idea that works and has a proven track record is a simple work from home business and is making your own photo gifts to sell for profit , the interesting thing about this small business idea is that there are actually thousands of people already doing this right from the comfort of thier own homes

Designing things like keyrings or fridge magnets coasters and more

So how is it done ?

It is one of the easiest ideas really , making your own photo gifts

blank fridge magnets

blank fridge magnets

imagine a fridge magnet like the plastic type that you see in hundreds of craft shops and card shops all over the UK we have all seen them for sale with funny logos inside or telling us not to eat so much chocolate , well the plastic item itself  is actually manufactured in two parts as you can see from the image above of the blank fridge magnet

the body of the fridge magnet and a window that simply pushes into place , the window made of plastic is simply pushed into place after the image or design has been inserted inside, these designs or pictures are printed on paper so imagine just a simple paper insert  the size of the magnet cavity and a window or top that just pushes in , that`s really how easy it is

personalised fridge magnet

personalised fridge magnet


To view the blank photo products you can make yourself take a look in here , with a good range of photo gifts you can make including blank keyrings blank coasters photo mouse mats blank fridge magnets and more

there is also some very useful software for making your personalised gifts that you can download and try free called Keyring Creator  you can make your own great photo gifts from home to sell and make money or promote your own business using the blank keyrings and blank fridge magnets for instance

Keyring Creator`s website also has a very large range of blank products you can design and create yourself you can discover more about this software for designing your keyrings and  blank products here have a look

Have fun  and thanks for looking in



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