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Just a quick email to say many thanks for your help and support with my learners Enterprise Project. I have attached a copy of the latest Principals Briefing for you to read. We get a mention for raising £200 and for the learners expert haggling with David Milliband.

Many thanks from Ian and the Fresh Start learners, South Tyneside College

College Issues

David Miliband Visit – David Miliband visited the College on 10th February to discuss youth unemployment and how to engage NEETs in learning. David was keen to gather information to help him support developments in the College and the Borough.

Students on the Fresh Start programme also took the opportunity to sell David a personalised key ring which impressed him immensely – the learners enjoyed the opportunity to haggle with Mr Miliband over the key ring they produced for him, it was the highlight of the learners’ day, even though one of the learners thought his name was MP Miliband.



The Fresh Start learners made approximately £200 designing and producing the key rings. This activity provides the evidence required for the producing a product module of the BTEC work Skills qualification. In addition it also serves to give the learners an opportunity to experience what can be achieved when a simple idea in a class discussion is researched, developed and turned into a viable profit making business. To reinforce the benefit of working hard to achieve this module the learners have been allowed to choose, as a group, an enrichment activity to spend the profits on.blank keyrings plastic keyrings see our range

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