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Discover the easiest way to make keyrings,fridge magnets ,coasters,rulers pens personalised gifts , Coasters & More In Just Minutes.

Start by clicking on the top image below that says  Step 1  download now

then choose run      or it may say save    then run

after you have the program installed  go to Step 2

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click on the bottom image that says Step 2 download the templates
then choose run     or it may say save     then run

Keyring Creator Software

Keyring Creator is creative software for Keyrings and a wide range of acrylic promotional products, including keyrings,promotional keyrings,shaped keyrings, coasters, clocks, mouse mats,fridge magnets,pens,rulers and much more

We hope that using our software will be profitable and a pleasure.

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple, to provide the best integrated suite of low cost creative promotional software available for all to enjoy.

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You can make promotional keyrings, keyrings fridge magnets,coasters,pens,rulers and more
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