keyring creator software 2020 Ver 2.1.1Build 137 for © Windows
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Below are some common questions about Keyring Creator’s products and software.

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Can we download the software instantly?

Yes you can download and try the program free of charge right now… Simply click on the link on the right Download Try It Free Electronic Software Download (ESD) Our products are available as download (ESD) versions. Instead of receiving a boxed copy of the software after purchase you will be taken to a unique link (URL) to download your software and try it immediately.

Can we save money instead of buying in ready made products?

Yes absolutely in some cases you can save up to 70% against the price of printed keyrings or say promotional magnets bought in ready made but you can now make your own products as and when you need them and that means you are in full control plus it not only saves you money it is easy to do and fun It really can get your business on the map your competitors are promoting thier business you can stay one step ahead

Is the software easy to use?

Yes with just a little practice you will be making your own great quality promotional products in just minutes make keyrings fridge magnets coasters and more

simply download and try it free

Where do we buy the BLANK PRODUCTS  like plastic keyrings magnets coasters?

Can I use it on Windows or a Mac ?

Yes for Windows xp Windows 7 Windows 8 etc sadly it is not available for the Mac at this time

Can we add our own logos and designs?

Yes the software is very flexible and allows you to add your own images and designs, simply browse and select your image then drag and drop them into your design, you can even take a snapshot of the design you have created

Can we add multiple images and pictures on a sheet?

Yes the software is very flexible and allows you to add multiple images and designs, simply use the multi design mode and then click add design to page , continue until the number of images you need is on the sheet

What if i only want to use one or 2 designs on a sheet and re use my paper?

Although we don`t reccomend using the paper more than once this may be possible by selecting the blue stars ,before printing when you select a blue star you can add the design or delete the design as required from the page making it possible to re use photo paper for example

Can we rotate and move images?

Yes once your logo or design is selected you can use the fast rotate tool to attain the desired angle you require allowing you full control with your design

Can we save our designs that we have created?

Yes simply save your design in the software , then you can simply print your existing saved designs quickly and easily at any time

Can we make money making promotional products?

Certainly, with just your computer, printer,and the blank promotional products and ©Keyring Creator you can make professional promotional products in minutes ,many people make a sizeable extra income working entirely from the comfort of their own home,ideal for schools ,colleges,fundraising,business,fun and so much more. We genuinely get testimonials like for instance Matt who said I was looking for new ways to attract more customers, & I found it plus a way to make money too ! I flippin love it & gary this little secret now pays my mortgage thank you thank you Matt Chambers Cheers matt

The cost of the program is great but the real secret is that you can actually do it too ,checkout ebay amazon etsy and more, hundreds of people are doing it right now quitely making some astounding designs and products putting them together is so easy they just snap together, we get told it`s a well kept secret that the companies who sell you the ready made keyrings and products like magnets make them exactly the same way as you WELL now you know how and at a much lower price

Do we need to cut out the shapes after we have printed them?

You have a choice , you can order pre cut paper with no cutting required or you can use normal photo paper and simply cut out your designs With pre cut paper its quick and easy, simply print your design and pop out the inserts, then snap your window into place see above where to buy the blank products for pre cut paper

We have more than one business or PC and need more than one license?

No problem ,although the ©Keyring Creator software download is for a single user we also presently service multiple users of our software and welcome all new multiple license holders You can purchase multiple licenses for our software at a discounted annual rate please contact us

Do I need to adjust my printer settings?

Normal printer settings should be fine but do make sure that your paper size is set to A4. To get best results when printing your inserts you should also select a ‘high’ print quality setting

Do you have any other software products?

Yes order Keyring Creator now and you will also get ©Magnet Maker free allows you to make fridge magnets with our high gloss magnetic paper

Plus Clock Creator easy to use promotional software for our range of promotional wall clocks. Both full programs Completely Free Of Charge Time Limited Offer

Plus we are developing a full suite of new personalized gift software which is due for release , order keyring creator and you will get a free upgrade , a few great surprises in this fantastic new personalized gifts software,keep an eye out we will keep you posted

Can we download the software from anywhere in the world?

If you are from the USA take a look at this page HERE

You are of course welcome to download keyring creator right now and try it wherever you are in the world plus dont forget if you order you will get a fantastic free bonus  2 full programs completely free


keyring creator software 2020 Ver 2.1.1Build 137 for © Windows
click BUY NOW below, your software activated by email after payment 
View our best selling blank keyrings & blank products CLICK HERE

…2 Full Programs Free!… Magnet Maker & Clock Creator

  • ©Magnet Maker Over 100 templates works with our magnetic paper
  • ©Clock Creator,Great software ,Promotional clocks in minutes