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How can you make your own keyrings and fridge magnets using blank keyrings and blank fridge magnets

ever wondered how you can make your own keyrings and fridge magnets ?

well its easier than you may think, because if you have your own computer and printer you are pretty much ready to go , all you need now is some great software called keyring creator that will assist you in making and creating your designs

the next thing you need is some blank keyrings or blank fridge magnets , we call them blanks because they come in two parts and snap together
blank keyrings plastic keyrings see our range

so imagine you print your inserts or designs and place them inside the blank product like a keyring and then simply snap in the clear plastic window , thats it you have now created your own keyring

take a peep at this section which explains how easy it is to make your own keyrings and how to make your own fridge magnets

Thousands of people make and create thier own keyrings ,fridge magnets,coasters,pens,rulers and more using this personalised gift making software keyring creator from home or the office

why not download and try keyring creator free and see how easy it is



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