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blank fridge magnets as they are sometimes known or by some of the other search terms shown below
Like blank photo magnets, photo magnets, blank insertable fridge magnets, plain fridge magnets, wholesale fridge magnets, fridge magnet blanks, phew sorry they have a lot of different names are ideal as a way to really promote your company

all you need is some blank fridge magnets some paper your printer and keyring creator

I can tell you that the blank fridge magnets are found in a very large range of sizes and designs so there is bound to be something for you

blank fridge magnets

blank fridge magnets

from simple shaped magnets all the way to large jumbo size blank fridge magnets shown in the image above there really are many types available to choose from including square ones that you can make yourself
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these fridge magnets are ideal for your event or promotion, or perhaps if you are into crafts or even fundraising there is something for everyone you can see some suppliers of blank blank fridge magnets here

the great news is our personalised gift making software keyring creator makes designing and creating your inserts for your blank fridge magnets simple and easy, and its fun too
from a simple blank fridge magnet to a great promotional aid for your business that really gets you results

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