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Hi and thanks for your visit

this is just to let you know about our NEW  blank products website, thanks for taking a look when you get time

Plus some important news 

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For blank keyrings , blank fridge magnets , blank coasters , &  more

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blank keyrings bookmark our website

blank keyrings bookmark our website

Hi once again thanks so much for your visit and for taking the time to have a look in our blanks website,  I wont keep you long but may also have some interesting news for you

Just to briefly say hi & a massive thank you to all of our customers old and new as we approach the end of the year and enter the new year, exciting times ahead and we look forward to being of service to your company

Wow what a year ,our simple software for blank keyrings etc keyring creator has now hit 400,000 downloads

Gary retired as many of you may know through ill health but is slowly on the mend  his hobby is keeping him busy tinkering with his vintage camper van and still doing the odd bit of programing for fun

To quickly introduce myself my name is Paul and I took over from Gary and am now the MD and just wanted to quickly let you know about the blanks website above  , so thanks for having a peep in there

You know you hear all too often from suppliers that they value your business , if only that were true in all cases ,sadly we all know thats not the case with some suppliers

The simple mindset of our small team is that we must do all we can to ensure a customer is entirely happy with thier experience when visiting and ordering blank keyrings & other blank products from our website,

This really is at the forefront of our minds right from the moment your order arrives here to the products being delivered to your door .

Our team also have a manufacturing background with a combined 20 years experience in this field and so to us the products we offer are not just plastic products,
we know how they are manufactured we understand the process , plus by offering quality products using superior quality plastics  rather than cheap imported poor quality items , it  is indeed one of the reasons we get so many valued repeat customers

we refuse to stock low quality cheap imports and only offer quality items that are proven in the industry and we are proud to say that approximately 99 % of our blank products are manufactured right here in the UK

With this in mind

I  believe that choosing the right supplier involves much more than scanning a series of price lists

I completely understand that making the right decision for your supplier is essential – after all your business’ profitability, reputation and the quality of your products could easily be at stake.
Of course I understand your choice will depend on a wide range of factors especially in todays world we live in .

I just want you to know that we mean what we say and actually do value your business  ,of course no one is perfect but I can tell you with complete honesty that  we will always try to provide you with the best possible service including:

Reliability ,  Quality , Value for Money

Thank you once again for your visit and we look forward to being of service

Paul   Managing Director


Keyring Creator our simple to use software that allows you to create and design your own keyrings magnets and more has been downloaded now over 400,000 times and is used widely by estate agents , small business, car dealers, craft workers , home workers,florists,plumbers,taxi companies,design studios,ebayers really too many to mention, go ahead and download it have a play and try it free


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