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The c1 keyring or c1 keyfobs as they are also known is sure to be included in the top three of all blank keyrings sold and used not just in the UK promotional industry but all over the world

the C1 blank keyring has an insert size of 50 mm x 35mm and is of course made from high quality acrylic,

as mentioned already this keyring is produced in the millions a truly great product and offers a strong design that almost everyone will have seen at some point

c1 blank keyrings

c1 blank keyrings

These c1 blank keyrings are a tough and durable keyring , which is why they are chosen by so many people to carry thier brand and in thousands of promotions and events

The c1 blank keyring has as mentioned takes an insert or design of 50mm x 35 mm

so what does c1 mean well it simply means the model number of the blank keyring ask for or order c1 keyrings and everyone in the trade knows it means it has an insert size of 50mm x 35mm , you may also notice there are different names for different products like p5 keyrings etc , just remember this is just the code number for the product in the trade

so if you like the look of these blank keyrings then remember these shown above are called a C1 blank keyrings

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blank keyrings bookmark our website

blank keyrings bookmark our website

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