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The humble P5 Keyring that has been around for years and sold in the millions
has had a facelift
now it`s basically the same blank keyring that we know and love as the p5 keyring however
now you will notice it has the new plastic connecter so it now hangs flat see image below

p6 blank keyrings

p6 blank keyrings

these blank keyrings have an insert size of 35 x 24mm and are made as you know from high quality acrylic, this keyring is gaining ground fast and still offers smooth curving edges with the familiar classic design of the p5.
The p6 blank keyrings are as strong and durable as ever , and more and more clients are using the p6 keyrings
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the p6 blank keyrings still have the as standard larger split ring but now with the new plastic connecter its a great improvement on an already great product

The P6 blank keyring has an insert or design of 35mm x 24mm and this is the same insert size as the good old P5 blank keyrings and Y1 blank keyrings , so really no need to get worried about all these code numbers like p5 blank keyrings p6 keyrings
p6 simply means the model of keyring and its got an insert size of 35mm x 24mm , they have different names for different products , its easy really so if you like the look of these blank keyrings then remember this one is called a p6 blank keyring ( yep with the plastic connector see pic )
see blank keyrings p6 blank keyrings
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